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series "Exclusive"

EXCLUSIVE series is a product especially for demanding customers.

It’s also a product for those who prefer one strip floorboards that look good both in modern and traditional interiors. EXCLUSIVE series include the currently most valued 180 mm and 130 mm wide floorboards.

The benefits of EXCLUSIVE Barlinek floorboards are:

- Aesthetics: one strip floorboard resembles a traditional solid floorboard;precisely selected wood ensures homogenous appearance of the floor; emphasizes the prestige of the room.

- Unique decorative values: is designed especially for the finest interiors, exclusive in their decoration and character. - A floor for experts and connoisseurs: meets even the highest expectations.

- 30-year guarantee


1 Paket = 2,77 m2, Kalınlık = 1,4 cm, En = 18 cm, Boy = 220 cm

UV varnish (board 130mm)
Natural Oil (board 180mm)
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