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The Elita floorboard

A solid floor is classical and elegant. It is a captivating minimalism. It is natural, warm to the touch and permanent.  Its pure, natural material and the character of its construction ensure that any interior looks luxurious and elegant. It has its own style and unusual charm, and is seductive from first sight. These qualities and its timeless form mean that our collection is solidly in the elite among wooden floors..

Bevelled edges on all sides of the board

5 layers of lacquer or 2 layers of oil

Can be renovated (scraped) down to 8 mm


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Oak Diamond

The Diamond floorboards are distinguished by the similar colouring of their wood. The small number of little knots appearing in boards of this series bring charm to any interior. .


 Oak Rubin

The Rubin series is characterised by the arbitrary pattern of its grain and its variegated colour scheme. The minor discolorations and knots which appear in these boards emphasise the purity of natural wood.
*Ruby floors are also available with an oil finish


Oak Amber

The Amber series is the very essence of wood’s natural features. Its expressive pattern and the contrastive colouring around the many knots give the floor an original appearance.


 Ash Quartz

Quartz Ash is a floor for lovers of pure form. It is characterised by the uniform colouring and grain of the wood, without knots or discolorations. Quartz adds elegance to any interior.


 Ash Sapphire

The natural colour of the wood, including its many discolorations, form the essence of the Safir floor style.This floor adds a touch of expression to pastel decorated rooms. It is a fulfilment of the aspiration to live in harmony with nature.


 Ash Jasper

Jasper floors are all that is best in natural wood - expressive patterns and numerous knots and discolorations. The floorboard for an interior with character.


 Ash Agate

A characteristic of Agate Ash is its unusual expressiveness and originality. The honey colour of the board with its dark grain are reminiscent of a tiger's coat. A special type of processing has brought out the wood's most beautiful features, which we have covered with a matte lacquer, natural to the touch.


Oak Rubellit

A floor with a beautiful red/brown colour, smooth texture and patterned grain. Ideal for light, modern spaces.


 Oak Beryl

Beryl Oak is our suggestion for connoisseurs of aged floors. A board with a red/brown colour, and a very expressive grain obtained by the brushing process.


Oak Topaz

Topaz Oak is the new face of the natural oak floor. Its characteristic features are its light straw colour and rich dark grain. With this product, we have managed to combine the beauty of naturally aged oak with the most modern finishing technology.


Oak Coral

A special wood aging and colouring technique has given this oak floor an entirely new texture and colour. Coral Oak is a floor with a warm, honey/rust colour scheme. Its regular, fine grain is adorned with a few small knots.


Oak Pearl

Pearl Oak - the pearl of the collection. An aged floor with an unusual pearly coloration. It has an interesting pattern and surface texture. Certainly an inspiration for those seeking individual solutions.


 Oak Onyx

Onyx Oak - a beautiful black floor.It is given extra purity by the clear grain contours achieved during the brushing process. An excellent idea for exotic and modern interiors.


 Oak Birmit

The beautiful grain pattern of oak, the texture of the grain is plain to the touch. Numerous knots and discolorations. The main advantage of the Birmit floor is that it is so natural.

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