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Floor materials | Installation tools

Natural underlay boards

made of coniferous wood have a plastic base with a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation.
They perfectly flatten out irregularities /up to 4 mm/, scratches and cracks of the sub-floor
– 5.5 mm thick – green underfloor panel
– 5.5 mm thick – EKO underfloor panel
Cork mat

is durable and does not absorb water. It is elastic and antistatic, makes a great thermal and acoustic insulation.
Corrugated cardboard

is used to flatten out minor irregularities of the sub-floor, subdues sound, lets the wood breathe and does not spring back
Protective floor mat

prevents damage to the top floor layer caused mostly by office furniture.
Cork expansion strips

designed to join the Barlinek floorboard with other flooring materials, such as ceramic tiles, stones, granite tiles, and most of all for bend joints.
Installation tools

contains tools essential for Barlinek floorboard installation: a steel drift punch and a wooden block
Drift Punch

is made of a high resistance material. It absorbs hammer hits very well, protecting the floorboards from damage during installation.
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        Floor materials | Installation tools
        cleaning agents – dedicated to the maintenance of Barlinek floorboards
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