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cleaning agents – dedicated to the maintenance of Barlinek floorboards

Keep the floor clean and tidy by sweeping it, vacuum-cleaning and wiping with a damp, but not wet, cloth, from time to time. We recommend PROTEKTOR agents for everyday cleaning. To protect your wooden floor from damage caused by sand and water, and in winter – salt as well, it is worth using protective floor mats at the entrance to the house. Pedestals, legs and furniture elements that press onto the floor should be fitted with felt pads; nailing is not acceptable.

PROTEKTOR NATURA - for the maintenance of oiled floorboards

Maintenance oil

an agent for every wooden floor covered with white or natural colour UV oil. Used as a refreshing and maintenance agent, when the floor gets grey and matt, depending on the intensity of dirt on the surface – usually once or twice a year. It makes everyday maintenance easier and increases the dirt resistance of the floor. It is recommended as the first maintenance agent for wooden floors oiled in the manufacturing process.
Floor soap

used for everyday maintenance of oiled floorboards. This is a special high concentration soap used for cleaning oiled wooden surfaces. It is great for floors as well as for furniture, kitchen table tops or other wooden objects protected with oil.
Intensive wod cleaner

used for cleaning oiled floors. Removes different kinds of dirt: grease, nicotine and old layers of floor soap. Use before applying maintenance oil (when the oiled floor becomes matt and requires refreshing) or floor soap. It does not cause any damage to varnished and impregnated surfaces.
Maintenance paste

an efficient preserving and protecting agent for oiled wooden floors. It works as a refresher, at the same time effectively protecting the surface. After applying, it requires the floor not to be used for 4 hours and additionally it needs 48 hours for hardening the layer – it is not allowed to wet clean it! To obtain a matt surface, the final polishing needs to be done with a cotton cloth put on a polishing pad.
Repair oils

Repair oil is designed for oiled floors as a maintenance and refreshing agent and to perform point repairs (scratches, burns). It is recommended to use repairing oil in the colour that the floor was oiled in before - as the agent contains accurate pigments..
PROTEKTOR - for maintenance and renewing of varnished floors

No agent from the Protektor series contain paraffin. This enables easy renewing of parquet – we don’t need to scrape it. For periodic maintenance it is sufficient to wash the floor with Protektor Komplet agent and matt it with fine-grain abrasive paper.

Protektor Concentrate

Cleaning agent to mix with water for everyday cleaning of the floor. Contains resins, which, unlike other agents, create an additional protective layer on the parquet surface. It is very efficient and effective.
Protektor Shine

an agent for periodic maintenance of Barlinek parquets. Contains acrylic resins which help restore the former shine to the floor. Particularly recommended for high traffic areas. Used once a week, it increases the durability of varnish. Additionally, applied on a new floor, it seals the board joints. NOTE: Before applying Protektor Blask, wash the floor with Protektor Komplet agent in order to remove remnants of previous coatings and dirt.
Protektor Complet

– professional cleaning agent; used to remove grease and for thorough cleaning of Barlinek parquets. It is an alkaline detergent, effectively removing dirt, stubborn stains and old coatings of floor polish. Ideal before polishing and applying a fresh coat of varnish, and before refreshing the floor with Protektor Blask.
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