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Currently Cadorin Group can count on a plant of 13,000 square meters, with advanced production lines, sophisticated manufacturing technology and skilled carpenters.

At the basis of the production philosophy of the company there is always the expert eye of skilled carpenters who know how to catch every nuance and detail, and are able to manually end products, resulting in a high quality level. Thanks to this marriage between technology and craftsmanship, Cadorin can now propose wood floors always different, which ban be adapted and customized to the customer need. Precision planks that are made in large sizes and proposed in many different versions.

Brushed, hand planed, saw cutting, aged, finished with natural oils or with professional varnishes , that highlights the warmth and grain of the wood. The company is able to achieve any finish, any bearing, any size, the only constraint is the strict observance of rules and morphological characteristics and technology of wood flooring.

Speaking about wood, there are over than 30 different choices of wood species that the company uses to achieve its floors, from most refined to most rustic, each with its own characteristics - color, grain, texture - that are maintained and enhanced by giving life quality parquet.

Not simple furnishings, but objects bearers of new values, expressed in different languages to fit the space and people to which it is intended.
 ««Geri Dön

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.     Yeni Ürünler .  Pregio Planks
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Adres : Bağdat Cad. No:188 / A Postaağası
apt. İdealtepe / Maltepe / İstanbul
Telefon : [+90] 216 463 33 60
               [+90] 216 549 23 58
GSM :      [+90] 532 322 87 78
Fax :       [+90] 216 417 23 11

E-mail : info@idealparke.com
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